Bass Engineering is committed to SAFETY in all its operations. As one of our core Principles, SAFETY is evident in our work environments and processes and is integral to our organization. Although our business processes are designed to protect the public and the environment, we are equally committed to protecting our employees, customers, suppliers, and contractors. Through training, education, evaluation, utilization of the correct tools, and proper equipment and protective gear, Bass Engineering ensures that our teams are prepared and protected wherever they go.

Bass Engineering can work with each client individually to ensure that all specific SAFETY needs and requirements are met. Because the SAFETY of all involved personnel is of the utmost importance, we strive to meet every customer requirement. If you have specific concerns or requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how we will be able to complete your project SAFELY, correctly, and with a smile. At Bass Engineering, we make SAFE solutions happen.

Contractor SAFETY Orientation: Roles & Expectations: