Technical Services

Engineering & Design:

  • Professional engineering services ensure the success of your cathodic protection project. Let our team assist with your CP system evaluation, groundbed design, compliance paperwork, and more.

Field Testing:

  • Our team of certified cathodic protection testers, technologists, senior technologists and specialists are here to test and evaluate your cathodic protection systems. Our technicians are experts at performing annual pipe-to-soil surveys, periodic rectifier inspection, soil resistance testing, and ultrasonic thickness tests.


  • In addition to performing annual pipe to soil surveys, Bass Engineering offers gas leakage detection, vegetation surveys, professional underground pipe and cable location, and depth-of-cover surveys.Our trained technicians will gather your data quickly and efficiently, providing the information you need to protect your asset!


  • We’ll help protect your asset in whatever way you need! Call us to troubleshoot your issue or provide advice on your technical challenges.

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